February 27, 2015

How to Kill your Business in 10 Easy Steps:

It’s been around the industry for years…

So why would you want to read something that tells you how to fail?  Either because you want to avoid killing off your business or you’ve decide your done and want to get out!  But if you want to fail it’s simple:

DON’T ADVERTISE: Just pretend that everybody knows what you have to offer.
DON’T ADVERTISE: Tell yourself you just don’t have the time to spend thinking about promoting your business.
DON’T ADVERTISE: Just assume that everybody knows what you sell.
DON’T ADVERTISE: Convince yourself that you’ve been in business so long customers will automatically come to you.
DON’T ADVERTISE: Forget that there are new potential customers who would do business with you if they were simply urged to do so.
DON’T ADVERTISE: Forget that you have competition trying to attract your customers away from you.
DON’T ADVERTISE: Tell yourself that it costs too much and that you don’t get a sufficient return on your investment.
DON’T ADVERTISE: Overlook the fact that advertising is an investment in selling – not an expense.
DON’T ADVERTISE: Be sure not to provide adequate advertising budget for your type of business.
DON’T ADVERTISE: Forget that you have to keep reminding your established customers that you appreciate their business.

Bottom line:  It’s about the right mix at the right time to the right people.  We can help with that.

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