April 12, 2017

Succession Planning…. For Interns

Written by: Travis Olson

It seems ironic; at least it did to me! I received a calendar appointment about a week ago, from a former intern-turned part-time employee, with the subject line:  “Succession Plan (for me-not you).” After being thankful he wasn’t holding a coup d’état, it kind of set in.  I have a former intern that has made such a mark in our agency that we really do have to have a succession plan!

It’s not every day you have an intern walk into your office, and you can hand them any task and they need very little training. Or they are so determined to make this more than an internship, and want the full experience, they ask for a part-time job the next semester.  That’s Derek!  He wanted sales experience, so he got it!  He successfully took on full-time tasks, while finishing his last semester of college classes, searching for a full-time job, and planning for his wedding!

Some of the best experiences we have had in our office involve interns. 

It’s an eye opening experience to see how these interns experience our clients’ brands for the first time; understand their target market and then have the opportunity to interject their ideas to the team.

Whether they’re right or wrong, that’s how they understand and learn through the process. That is why we do it.

As Derek’s sights are set on wedding bells and going home to Big Sky Country, ours are focused on what happens next week when Derek is gone!  As Derek closes the book on his time here (for now we hope), we congratulate him on being the top of the class from Two Twelve!

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