February 10, 2016

More Observations from the Intern Desk

Written by:  Derek Vander Ark

For the past 3 years, I have spent many hours gathering useful information through my business courses at Dordt College. Sitting through classes, writing notes, spending time on group projects, and regurgitating my knowledge of concepts on tests is a valuable process to obtaining a college degree, but it doesn’t truly carry significance if I don’t learn to apply my education in real-world situations.
Derek Vander Ark's Marketing Internship Programs at Agency Two Twelve Agency Two Twelve - Iowa Marketing Internship Programs - Sioux Center - Derek discusses marketing internship programs at Agency Two Twelve

Some businesses offer marketing internship programs that promise a great opportunity to grow professionally, and students flock to apply to these internships and wait for the hopeful acceptance. Unfortunately, there are many internship programs that don’t test the intern and don’t allow the intern to make an effort in gaining experience. Because of these poorly designed internships, the word “intern” can carry a negative connotation as it is often attributed to engaging in meaningless task and simple “busy work.”

Contrastingly, an internship should be an opportunity to be challenged by projects, they should demand an application of both talents and practical intelligence.

Agency Two Twelve ensures that their internship program meets the criteria of what an internship should be.

The best part about my marketing internship at Agency Two Twelve is the variability of the types of projects and tasks such as writing blogs, developing strategic social media campaigns, creating video concepts, and working with website SEO. Furthermore, I have attended video shoots, client meetings, and presented ideas in front of the staff at Agency Two Twelve.

It is rewarding to see projects being completed and my ideas become a reality through Agency Two Twelve. There are times when I have literally no idea what I am doing, but the staff members at Agency Two Twelve are eager to help, and guide me through the necessary steps to complete a particular project.

Agency Two Twelve encourages creativity and growth in every one of their interns.
Thus far, my experience at Agency Two Twelve is priceless.
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Agency Two Twelve - Iowa Marketing Internship Programs - Sioux Center - Derek discusses marketing intership programs at Agency Two Twelve - Marketing, Communications and Public Relations firm in Sioux Center, Iowa

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