August 6, 2015

How Marketing Has Changed My Perspective

Written by:  Molly Van Berkum

Confession…I have an addiction….shopping. That’s right folks. I love to shop. In-store or online, I just love everything about it. People who know me best would probably say that I am a professional at it.

So…as a shopper, working in marketing has changed my perspective.  But how has it influenced what I buy? My first and honest answer would be I don’t know that it has, but when I stop and really think about it, it has changed my perspective quite a bit.

As I shop, or look through ads before a shopping day, I find myself gravitating towards the ads or displays that make me feel good. It isn’t so much about the sale, but more about how it makes me feel.

Here’s an example. When I am shopping for clothes, if I shop online, walk in to a store, get a postcard or catalog from that store, and they have fun images or a cute display, nine times out of ten, I will look for those exact pieces when I shop, and 90 percent of the time, I will make the purchase, sale or not.

So there you have it, this shopper’s perspective has certainly been affected by working at Agency Two Twelve.
Am I an expert shopper? Yep. Am I an expert in all marketing mediums? Nope, but I work with a staff that are experts in areas I am not, and we want to help you change your perspective on marketing!

Marketing has changed my perspective at Agency Two Twelve - Agency Two Twelve - Ad Campaign Northwest Iowa - Advertising Agency

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